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Charges and Insurance

UHS Cashier / Insurance Office

Phone: (512) 475-8394

You don't need insurance to use UHS.

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Semester hours exceptions

Charges and Payment Options

There is a $10 charge for UT students for each individual office visit.
Beginning fall 2015 the individual office visit charge increased from $5 to $10.

While there are charges associated with a visit to UHS, we believe that finances should not prevent students from getting necessary healthcare. We accept most major insurance plans. You do not need insurance to use UHS. You can pay on the day of your appointment or have UHS bill your What I Owe. A self-pay discount is available to students who pay us directly without using insurance.

Read the UHS Charges Policy.

Appeal a missed appointment charge.

How to Use Your Insurance at UHS

Give UHS your insurance information before your first visit, and bring your insurance card to every visit. To use your insurance for prescriptions, take your insurance card to your pharmacy.

To give UHS your insurance information, log on to MyUHS [UT EID required] before your appointment.

  1. Click "Messages" on the left. Then select "New Message."

  2. Select "I want to submit my insurance information" and follow the instructions.

UHS cannot accept Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, or plans from health insurance companies based outside the United States. If you have an HMO plan, call your insurance company before your appointment. HMO plans typically do not pay for care at UHS.

To learn what your plan covers at UHS, call your insurance company and give them our tax ID# 74-6000203 and our NPI# 1740313337.

The cost of healthcare depends largely on what kind of care you need and your insurance plan. Health insurance plans vary a great deal, and usually cover only part of the costs. You are responsible to pay the remainder. UHS will bill your insurance company only if the amount due is greater than the portion for which you are responsible. After your insurance pays us, we bill you for your portion.

Using an in-network healthcare facility (one that has a contract agreement with your insurance plan) typically costs less than going to an out-of-network facility.

See if UHS is in-network with your insurance


To protect your privacy, we don't post medical details to What I Owe. We will give you an itemized statement upon request.

Anyone with eProxy privileges to your What I Owe will see the amount due to UHS, but not why you came in or what services you received.

When you use your health insurance, the policy holder (the main person on the health insurance plan) will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the insurance company. The EOB lists the services you received, how much the insurance paid, and the amount (if any) that you are responsible for. You can decide at each appointment whether to use your insurance for that visit.

If you decide not to use your insurance for a particular appointment, you must tell us by 11:59pm on the day of that appointment (5:00pm for labs). Call (512) 475-8394 during regular business hours or send a secure message through MyUHS any time. If you're undecided, talk with our Cashier/Insurance staff or the person who pays for your health insurance.

Learn more about Patient Privacy

If You Don't Have Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act now requires most people to have health insurance or pay a penalty. Because healthcare can be extremely expensive – especially if you are in an accident or need a specialist, we urge all students to explore their health insurance options.

International Students with questions about insurance should call the International Office first at (512) 471-2477.

Affordable Care Act: What Students Need to Know

Student Health Insurance
UT students can get health insurance through an optional, affordable health insurance plan approved by the University of Texas System and designed specifically for UT students. To enroll or learn more, visit:

Academic Health Plans-Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Health Insurance Plan

Getting Help and Paying Bills

You can pay your bill through What I Owe, at the UHS Cashier/Insurance Office (SSB 2.106B), or by phone at (512) 475-8394. Call or come by to discuss charges, pay a bill, arrange a payment plan, or clear a financial bar. Our staff can also help you understand your health insurance or find options for insurance coverage.