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Eligibility to Use UHS

Students attending UT during the spring 2014 session may use UHS 1/10/14 through 5/30/14.

Current students

UHS primarily serves currently-registered UT Austin students.

UT students can use all UHS services during semesters when they are taking classes. Charges apply for appointments and for all supplies, tests, and procedures. For more information, visit Charges in Helpful Links.

If you have withdrawn from the University during the current semester, please call the UHS Cashier/Insurance Office at (512) 475-8394 to determine whether you can use UHS.

Subscribing to UHS

Subscribing to UHS allows qualified individuals to use UHS. It is especially helpful for continuity of care for students who aren't taking UT summer classes.

Information on How to Subscribe to UHS

Spouses and children of UT students cannot use UHS.

UT faculty and staff

UT faculty and staff can schedule travel immunizations, fill their personal prescriptions at the Forty Acres Pharmacy and use the UHS Physical Therapy Clinic, certain campus outreach programs, flu shot clinics, and other services specially arranged by their department. Charges apply.

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