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Thrive, a free iphone app to the enhance well-bing of UT-Austin students

A free iPhone app to enhance the well-being of UT-Austin students

Thrive is a free iPhone app designed to enhance UT Austin student well-being and help better manage the ups and downs of campus life. Students will find short videos of actual UT Austin students sharing their own stories as well as interactive activities designed to help them apply these concepts to their own unique experience.

Thrive at UT free iphone application
Thrive at UT free iphone application
Thrive app screen shot

Students share their own stories in the app, such as Jasper:

Thrive FAQ's

What does the app do?
Thrive was designed specifically for UT-Austin students, utilizing student input. Thrive helps busy students make small changes in their routines that can have a powerful impact in their daily lives.

Who is the app for?
The app was created for all UT Austin students. Everyone can benefit from the topics in Thrive.

What is in the app?
Thrive consists of seven topic areas. Topics include community, gratitude, self-compassion, mindfulness, mindset, thoughts and moods. In each topic, students will find an inspirational quote, a short video of a UT student sharing their own story, some light reading and an interactive activity. Students can then choose how they interact with the app through customizing the notifications they receive from the app.

What can I expect if I download the app?
Students who download the app can expect to go at their own pace through seven different topic areas. The topics were chosen because of their proven benefit to well-being. Once you've downloaded the app, you chose how much and how often you want to interact with the app.

How does it work?
Thrive was created to encourage students to make small, simple shifts in their daily routines. Students will work through the content in the app and can then choose to receive notifications to encourage them to practice the content they've learned in the app.

Who developed the app?
Thrive was a collaboration of professionals at UT's Counseling and Mental Health Center, students and professors in the Psychology Department, and an app development firm in Austin. Funding was provided by the Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology (LIFT) grant. Student input was utilized at every step of the process to ensure that this app meets the needs of UT Austin students.

How can it enhance well-being?
Research has documented that certain changes in behavior can lead to increased levels of well-being. The idea is that students utilize the app to learn new skills and make small shifts in their everyday behavior. Things like expressing gratitude or pausing for a few moments during a busy day to be mindful are simple but can have far-reaching positive impacts.

click here to find THRIVE on the App Store

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