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Everyone deserves to feel seen, heard and understood by people who “get it”, who assume the best of them even when they struggle, and who are willing to trust and grow alongside them as partners and friends.


Opening up to others and receiving confirmation that you are not alone is both healing and affirming. Healing can be messy and nonlinear, and sharing our imperfection amongst peers can reduce stigma and encourage self-compassion.


Good communication requires being present, practicing curiosity and empathetic listening, and asking questions to clear up confusion and help others understand themselves more fully. We aim to model and teach these habits across campus.


Peer support is built on the belief that we can all benefit from the wisdom of our shared experiences, resources, coping strategies, and emotional support as a community of equals..


We aim to demystify and normalize conversations about mental health, decrease stigma, and share balanced, relevant information so our peers are empowered to make informed decisions. We do not make assumptions or decisions about others’ needs without their consent.


100 West Dean Keeton
Student Services Building (SSB)


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