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What is AlcoholEdu?

AlcoholEdu is an online educational program all incoming University of Texas at Austin students must complete. Through interactive and personalized course content, the program teaches college students risk reduction in the areas of alcohol and drugs. There is also a companion module called Haven that addresses sexual assault and healthy relationship promotion.

Who needs to complete AlcoholEdu?

All incoming students (first year and transfer students) under the age of 21 as of August 1, 2016, need to complete AlcoholEdu. Even if a student has previously completed AlcoholEdu or a similar program while enrolled in another institution, if that student is under 21, he or she must complete AlcoholEdu.

What is the process for signing up for AlcoholEdu?

Students will receive an email with a link to the program website. You will then login with your UT EID and password.

What is the process for completing AlcoholEdu?

Students are required to complete both the Part 1 and Part 2 modules. Answers provided by students are confidential and responses are never linked to individual students. Part 1 takes approximately 2 hours and Part 2 takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. You can save your work and come back to the program at a later time if necessary.

When do students need to complete AlcoholEdu?

  • Students starting in the fall 2016 semester need to complete Part 1 by August 23rd. Part 2 is to be completed by October 28th.

What happens if a student does not complete AlcoholEdu?

Students who fail to complete either Part 1 or Part 2 of the AlcoholEdu program by the deadline will not be able to see their grades online for that semester.

If I have any questions about AlcoholEdu, who do I contact?

Please direct your questions to the Health Promotion Resource Center at University Health Services by phone at (512) 475-8252 or by email at

As a parent, how can I learn more about AlcoholEdu and Haven?

There is a page just for parents called AlcoholEdu for Parents where you can learn more about how to have constructive conversations about alcohol with your student. There is also a Haven for Parents Resource Page, which will explain the program and ways to engage your student in thoughtful conversations about healthy relationships.

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