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Well-Being Activities and Tools

This page contains activities, tools and resources curated by the Longhorn Wellness Center to support the well-being of individuals and groups. We recommend you use this page as a menu. Choose as many or as few options that fit the needs of you or your group.

Options for Individuals

This list provides activities that you can complete on your own to enhance different aspects of your well-being. Explore and find what works best for you.

Sleep Promotion Activities
Check out our sleep page for activities and strategies to improve your sleep.

Thrive at UT App
A free app designed to enhance UT student well-being and help busy students live their best life. Thrive at UT consists of eight topic areas, which include community, gratitude, self-compassion, mindfulness, mindset, thoughts, moods and purpose.

mindful UT Mindful Moments
Find a variety of guided mindful moments, ranging from thirty seconds to ten minutes, to help you put some mindfulness in your day.

Gratitude Journal
View the Counseling and Mental Health Center’s Gratitude Journal.

Mental Health Quick Tips
This video series, created by various staff at UT Austin, provides short tips for managing your mental health. Topics include sleep, motivation, supporting others and more.

Options for Groups

This list provides ideas that you can include as an assignment, activity and/or conversation starters based on different well-being topics for your class, student organization or group.

Self-Facilitated Activities for Groups

Self-Care Plan
Download this self-care template for students to complete as an assignment. Debrief questions for the activity are also attached.

Pie Chart of Daily Activities
In class/meeting activity to help students examine how they spend their day and if they prioritize self-care..

Mindfulness Minute
Get ideas on how to start your class, meeting, etc. with a mindfulness minute activity

Deep Breathing Relaxation Script
Download our breathing script and have students’ practice.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script
Download our progressive muscle relaxation script to help students relax their body.

Social Connections Icebreakers
Download our list of potential icebreakers to start off your class/meeting.

Social Connections Bingo
Help facilitate students learning about each other with this social connections bingo sheet.

Gratitude Journal
Download a Gratitude Journal here. Pick a page (Or more!) for your group to complete.

Grateful Writing Prompt
Create space for students to write a gratitude letter to someone who has positively impacted their life with this prompt.

Sticky Notes Activity
Encourage students to write notes (in person or digitally) to their fellow longhorns to express their gratitude.

Mad Lib Resilience Activity
Send students a digital copy of the resilience Mad Lib to explore ways they’ve bounced back from failure and rejection in the past.

How You Treat a Friend Writing Prompt
Ask students “How would you treat a friend?” and help explore self-compassion through a friend’s perspective.

Resources for Groups

Longhorn Wellness Center Workshops
The Longhorn Wellness Center offers a variety of learning opportunities throughout the year for students, faculty and staff. The workshops, presentations and trainings cover a variety of health and wellness topics.

Texas Well-being
The resources on this page describe strategies that you can use to embed well-being in your group/class. Topics include things like social connections, gratitude, mindfulness and more.

List of Mental Health Resources for UT students
Share this list with your group or class.

If you are unsure of which option best meets your needs contact longhornwellnesscenter@austin.utexas.edu.

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