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Service Extension Fee

Students attending UT during the spring 2020 session may use UHS January 17 through May 29, 2020.

Currently enrolled UT students can use University Health Services because these services are funded, in part, by tuition. Current students do not need to sign up or pay a separate fee.

Other qualified individuals, like UT students who are staying in Austin over the summer but not taking classes at UT, can get access to the same UHS services that current students enjoy by paying the Service Extension Fee.

Learn who can pay the Service Extension Fee for access to UHS

Note: The service extension fee does not apply to Physical Therapy appointments, appointments with the Registered Dietitian, lab services, or radiology services. Because these services are not funded by tuition, qualified individuals (students between semesters, post-doctoral fellows and University/Visiting Scholars, future students, ESL students) may enjoy these services without paying the Service Extension Fee.

Cost and Coverage

The UHS Service Extension Fee is $50 per semester.

The Service Extension Fee is an access fee, not health insurance. After the fee is paid for a semester, the individual can use UHS services through the end of that semester:

The fee is non-refundable and cannot be prorated, meaning it costs the same even after the semester begins.

Or call 512-475-8394 or visit the UHS Billing and Insurance Office (SSB 2.106) during regular business hours.

Who SHOULD Pay the Fee

Those who fit into one of the categories below and wish to use UHS must pay the Service Extension Fee.

Students between Semesters

For continuity of care, students who attended UT last semester, aren't currently taking classes here, and plan to return next semester may pay the fee for access during the gap semester. Typically, these are students taking a summer semester away from UT to work or study elsewhere.

Post-Doctoral Fellows and University/Visiting Scholars

Post-docs and visiting scholars who are not officially registered for classes at UT Austin can pay the access fee. Specific documentation from the program with which they are affiliated is required.

Future Students

Individuals registered at UT for a future semester and not the current one can pay the fee for access during the semester immediately before their first semester at UT. Future students do not need to pay this fee to get immunizations and medical tests required or recommended to attend UT at UHS.

ESL Students

For access to UHS services other than immunizations, ESL students must pay the fee. ESL student scan attend their immunization clinics without paying this fee.

Who SHOULD NOT Pay the Fee

  • Students who have graduated and do not plan to return next semester.
  • People who last attended UT before last semester.
  • Currently-enrolled UT Austin students and contractual agreement students can already use UHS and CMHC. They do not need to pay this fee.
  • Spouses and children of UT students cannot use UHS.
  • Students who meet the eligibility criteria to purchase the service extension fee but only plan to use Physical Therapy, Nutrition Services, Lab, or Radiology do not need to pay the fee.
If you're not sure whether you qualify, we'll look it up for you. Call the UHS Billing and Insurance Office at (512) 475-8394.

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