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How the Activity Pass works with PCT

Cleared access allows you to attend on-campus and in-person events for one week from your test date. This designation comes from the results of a recent PCT test. To begin this process:

  • Test with PCT and sign the Activity Pass consent housed in the app to use this feature.
  • Get your PCT results (average result time is around 12-24 hours) and your Activity Pass is updated with your clearance designation for one week from test date.
  • Enjoy participating in events knowing your status but continue to test weekly to keep the green check!
  • If your designation is not available yet, please continue to check back. All results will be available for you to independently access on the MyUHS patient portal 1-3 days after your appointment; log in, click on Medical Records, then select the Labs tab. Once your result becomes available in the MyUHS portal, it will become available in the app.

Q & A

Q: I have an appointment to get tested thought PCT. Does that mean I can’t participate in any of the on-campus and in-person events until I have my results?
A: Complete the Campus Pass on the Protect Texas Together app. Clearance will allow you to participate in events for one day – before you’re tested. After you’re tested through PCT and if you receive a not detected result, you can use the Activity Pass for participation.

Q: I have tested positive within the last 90 days and cannot get a PCT test. Does this mean that I do not qualify for the Activity Pass?
A: Once the isolation period has ended and you are no longer able to spread COVID-19 to others, you can use the Campus Pass on the Protect Texas Together app.

Q: If I have been vaccinated, do I get clearance on my Activity Pass?
A: As of now, vaccination has no bearing on testing. Please still participate in PCT. After you’re tested through PCT and if you receive a not detected result, you can use the Activity Pass for participation.

Q: Within the Campus Pass section of the app, I have seen a yellow exclamation point at the top of the page. What does this mean?
A: The yellow flag indicates that you have been in close contact with an individual that is/suspected positive for COVID-19. You should participate in PCT, but it’s not recommended that you participate in any in-person events.

If you have questions about participating in events for Big Ticket, Residence Halls, or Rec Sports, please click the respective links or contact Tix.operations@athletics.utexas.edu, housing@austin.utexas.edu, or Rec Sports.

Please note, Proactive Community Testing runs the testing operation, but does not make final determinations about clearance to attend events. If you have questions specific to testing, please contact PCT at pct@austin.utexas.edu or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Otherwise, please contact the respective departments above.



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