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Is UT a Party School?

In previous years, the University of Texas at Austin was sometimes ranked amongst the top "party schools" in the country. While this may be a source of celebration for some, others are most proud of UT because of the students' academic achievement, research, sports, and the friendly Longhorn community. In fact, in the most recent 2017 national rankings, UT-Austin was not among the top 20 party schools.

According to the 2016 UT Social Norms survey, only 2.9% believe a "party school atmosphere" is what makes UT an outstanding university. Instead, students indicated that what they value most about the UT campus is its strong academic programs, athletics, diversity, and the UT community's fun and friendly attitude. Additionally, 19.7% of UT students included in the 2017 National College Health Assessment reported making the choice not to drink alcohol at all. Of those UT students surveyed who do choose to drink, 60.4% reported drinking four or fewer drinks the last time they partied. Despite UT's reputation as a party school among some, a majority of students on campus work hard to show their Longhorn pride in many other ways.

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