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All our workshops are FREE and provided by Longhorn Wellness Center staff or affiliated student groups. For other requests, please reach out to longhornwellnesscenter@austin.utexas.edu.

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Be That One. – Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Program Workshop
The Be That One. Suicide Prevention Program gives participants the tools to support their students or friends who may be thinking about suicide, the second leading cause of death for college students. Research shows that participants who take this workshop feel less stressed and better prepared to intervene with their students and friends when they're in distress.

Helping Students in Distress (for faculty and staff only)
Stress is a part of every student's life. At times, however, a student's stress level may become cause for concern. Learn to recognize the warning signs and strategies for helping a student in distress. This is a one hour presentation.

Real Talk: Helping Friends in Distress (for students only)
This highly interactive workshop explores how students can support their friends who are going through a hard time. Through conversations and role plays, students learn how to talk with their friend they're concerned about who is experiencing mental health distress.

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BeVocal – Bystander Intervention Initiative

BeVocal offers interactive tailored workshops to UT Austin faculty, staff, and student organizations on bystander intervention. To make the best use of our services, we generally require that at least 15 people be in attendance.

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Healthyhorns Peer Educators (for students only)

Alcohol Feud
In this fun workshop based on “Family Feud”, you'll be challenged to figure out how UT students answered questions about perceived alcohol use, facts, protective behaviors, and plenty of other topics. Drawing from surveys conducted at UT, every question is based on real student answers.

College Drug Jeopardy
Think you can pass our drug test? This workshop will give you up-to-date information about drugs and the college experience. Learn what you always wanted to know about everything from Adderall, to hookah, and marijuana to Lexapro.

Eating Mindfully for a Full Mind
Need to add variety to your life? Tired of the same foods? In this workshop students will learn the benefits of each food group along with creative ways to eating healthfully, mindfully and in ways that feel good to your body.

Sex Talk: Contraception and Anatomy
In this fun and interactive workshop, learn about reproductive anatomy, pregnancy, and contraception. Learn how to put a condom on correctly, team up to beat your friends during the Anatomy Race, and star in your team’s Contraception Commercial.

Sex Talk: STIs and Communication
In this fun and interactive workshop, get the facts about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and learn how to more effectively communicate with your partner(s). Answer trivia questions, play Condom Negotiation: The Game, and watch as myths about STIs get debunked.

Sleep Smarts
Frustrated by restless nights? Dozing off in class? Sleep deprivation can take a toll on your grades, relationships, and overall mental health. Learn how to eliminate barriers to sleep with a few simple, effective techniques. This interactive workshop will teach you how to create a better sleep environment, make the most of your naps, and improve your health with restful sleep.

What Would You Do? Tools for Taking Care of Your Fellow Longhorns
"What Would You Do?" is a fun, role-playing workshop that allows students to assess their current behavior as bystanders in common college situations. Using the principles of  BeVocal's bystander intervention model, students will have the opportunity to think through how they would navigate different and often challenging scenarios to successfully take care of their fellow Longhorns.

Request our What Would You Do? workshop to receive our new swag items, including pop-sockets and t-shirts

Request our "What Would You Do?" workshop to receive our new swag items, including pop-sockets and t-shirts Request a Workshop, Performance, or Tabling

Mental Health Peer Educators (for students only)

Bouncing Back: Coping with Failure and Rejection
In this highly interactive workshop, our CMHC Peer Educators present on a relevant topic for college students: how to cope with failure and rejection. This workshop helps to normalize the experience of failure and rejection, explains the Growth vs. Fixed mindset as a framework for understanding resilience and provides concrete coping strategies.

Stress Management
Stress has become such a part of our daily lives that most of us don't even realize we're stressed until we feel overwhelmed. Using cognitive strategies and relaxation techniques, this interactive workshop will teach you how to relax your muscles and your mind. This is a one hour presentation.

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Voices Against Violence (VAV)

Introduction to Voices Against Violence 
Learn about the resources offered at Voices Against Violence and gain knowledge about relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking.

Crushes, Commitment, & Calling it Quits
This interactive workshop explores healthy relationships from start to finish, including what makes a relationship healthy, setting and respecting boundaries, identifying unhealthy and abusive behaviors, and ending a relationship peacefully. This workshop is relevant for students of all genders and sexualities.

Dating Violence and Stalking 
This workshop discusses the dynamics of dating violence and stalking, with particular emphasis on college students. Participants will learn about power and control, cycles of abuse, barriers to leaving a relationship, and strategies to support survivors. This workshop is relevant for students of all genders and sexualities.

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Voices Against Violence- Theater for Dialogue

Get Sexy, Get Consent (for students only)
Get Sexy. Get Consent. is a highly interactive one-hour program that examines how we negotiate sex and consent, boundaries and safety. Trained student facilitators act out scenes and monologues and improvise conversations with audience members about negotiating sex. Get Sexy. Get Consent. is inclusive of all romantic and sexual relationships from long-term to one-night-stand and is relevant for all genders and sexualities. Do you get it? More information on this presentation located here.

Work(it through)shops
Student groups will participate in a 60-90 minute combination of drama games, exercises, and exploration in role of their chosen topic relating to interpersonal violence prevention. This workshop will allow them to engage in important conversations around VAV topics, leaving the interactive workshop with an action plan for how they can further participate in the prevention of interpersonal violence on UT's campus.

Possible Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Healthy Relationships and Social Media
  • Interpersonal Violence & Bystander Intervention
  • Building a Trauma-Informed Community
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