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UT offers a lot of opportunities for fun and socializing - some of which include opportunities to drink alcohol - but not all Longhorns choose to drink. In fact, 77% of UT students report that the last time they socialized or partied, they had four or fewer drinks.

Whether you're celebrating a Longhorn football victory, hanging out in a friend's West Campus apartment or going to a concert downtown, knowing how to party smart will help you have fun and get home safe at the end of the night.

Meet Bruce the Bat

Bruce the Bat is your guide to finding fun new things to do in Austin. He'll introduce you to new museum exhibits and hiking spots and keep you up to date on events happening here at UT.

bruce the bat game day tips

Bruce also knows a lot about Longhorns' social habits, including how much and how often UT students actually drink. Bruce gives tips on ways you can reduce your risk of experiencing negative consequences like blacking out, throwing up, forgetting where you are or what you did or getting separated from your friends if you do decide to drink.

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Who Drinks?

Not everybody. 35% of UT students included in the 2021 National College Health Assessment reported having never drunk alcohol. Of those UT students surveyed who drank any alcohol in the past year, 77% reported drinking four or fewer drinks the last time they partied. Choosing to drink moderately or not drink at all is associated with a higher GPA.

Of students who choose to drink, only 23% of UT students binge drink, defined as having 5 or more drinks in one sitting. Instead, most Longhorns decide on a drink limit ahead of time, keep track of how many drinks they've had and let a friend know when they've had enough.

Is UT a Party School?

In previous years, the University of Texas at Austin was sometimes ranked amongst the top "party schools" in the country. While this may be a source of celebration for some, others are most proud of UT because of the students' academic achievement, research, sports and the friendly Longhorn community. In fact, in the most recent 2022 national rankings, UT-Austin was not among the top 20 party schools.

According to the 2022 UT Social Norms survey, only 2.9% believe a "party school atmosphere" is what makes UT an outstanding university. Instead, students indicated that what they value most about the UT campus is its strong academic programs, athletics, diversity and the UT community's fun and friendly attitude.

Avoiding Risks

For students who choose to drink, here are four easy tips for partying smart and safe:

  1. Set a limit. Know how much you plan to drink ahead of time. Learn how much alcohol is in a standard drink and use Virtual Bar to explore how different types of alcohol can affect your body and mood.
  2. Eat, drink water, and be merry. Alcohol and an empty stomach are a bad combination. Avoid feeling sick by eating before you drink and snacking while you're out. Alternating alcoholic drinks with water or other non-caffeinated drinks can also help you stay in control.
  3. Count your drinks. 6 in 10 Longhorns keep track of how many drinks they've had whenever they're partying. Counting your drinks helps you know what to expect during your night out.
  4. Have a plan. If you're going out with friends, plan for how you're all going to get home. If you're all planning on drinking, split a rideshare, have a designated driver or utilize Capital Metro, which is free for all UT students. Learn more about getting home safe.

Game Day Tips

bruce the bat game day tips

Longhorn football fans come early, cheer loud, and stay late! Bring an empty, reusable water bottle with you to the football stadium and fill it at a water fountain so you can stay hydrated during the game and beat the Texas heat. For more information about Darrell K. Royal Stadium, click here.

Alcohol and Drug Amnesty

Longhorns stay with the herd and help each other out. UT's Alcohol and Drug Amnesty Policy ensures you can always call for help in an emergency without worrying about getting yourself or someone else in trouble.

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