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Alcohol & Study Abroad

Top things to consider when drinking alcohol abroad
  • Consider how laws regarding alcohol and other drug use vary by country and are often times more severe than in the US.
  • Alcohol concentrations might be stronger in some countries. For example, one beer in Belgium might have a stronger effect on you than the same brand of beer in the US.
  • Keep in mind that students are representing The University of Texas while abroad and the purpose of this experience is to provide students with a rich learning environment.

Culture of alcohol in other countries

Most countries around the world have set their drinking age limit below 21. Some countries do not even have drinking ages while others prohibit it. This creates a different culture of alcohol than you might have grown up around.

Alcohol is generally much more accessible in other countries and people begin to develop drinking habits at younger ages than in the US. For example, sixteen year olds in Germany are allowed to consume beer. Often times these youth will go out and enjoy a beer with friends during the weekend at a local bar. This is quite a foreign concept for someone from the United States

Take some time to research the culture of alcohol before beginning your study abroad experience.

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