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Spring Break Health and Safety Tips

Wear sunscreen. use sunscreen
Sunburns hurt! They also increase your risk of developing skin cancer and cause wrinkles or pre-mature aging. Make sure you re-apply sunscreen any time you get wet, whether from the pool, ocean, or sweat.

Wipe out pests Prevent mosquito bites.
Mosquitoes suck, so keep them away with insect repellant. Use it frequently if you're spending lots of time outside, especially in the evening.

Specs to protect throw shade
Hit the beach or the next concert in style AND protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays with sunglasses. You make eye safety look good.

Fuel up fuel up
You need food to fuel you through your spring break adventures. Keep snacks with you while you're on the go to get the most out of your time!

Get plugged in get plugged in
Whether you're front and center for your favorite band or catching some ZZZ's in your room, earplugs can save your day.

Bruce the Bat bruce the bat
Stay within your limits when drinking to reduce the chance of injury, getting into trouble, having unprotected sex, or doing something you’ll later regret. Stick with the same group of friends, alternate water between alcoholic drinks, and eat before and while you drink. Bruce the Bat

Play Safe Safe sex every time.
If you choose to have sex, use condoms to lower your chances of pregnancy and STIs. Remember that consent to sexual activity is an enthusiastic, mutual agreement that can be revoked at any time. Condoms

UT University Health Services UT University Health Services

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