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Healthy Relationships

Messaging Considerations

  • When talking about relationships, be inclusive of all types (familial, friendships, between peers, etc.).
  • Acknowledge that is natural for relationships to grow and change over time and communication is one tool that can navigate changing relationships.
  • When discussing relationships, do your best to not make assumptions regarding the individuals’ identities. For example, avoid referring to a romantic relationship as between a female-identifying and male-identifying person.


  • Host events or activities that allow your group members the opportunity to connect and interact with each other. Encourage a culture of care and mutual respect among your group.
  • Request a SHARE Circle through the Longhorn SHARE Project. Circles are a structured group storytelling and processing tool rooted in indigenous practices that can be used to build community, empathy, and understanding. The turn-taking structure ensures that everyone’s voices are heard.
  • Encourage students to download the Thrive at UT app and complete the community module.
  • Request a workshop that covers bystander intervention, helping friends in distress or taking care of your fellow Longhorns.
  • Discuss the 7 C’s of Healthy Relationships.
  • Voices Against Violence provides counseling, workshops, and prevention resources for sexual violence.
  • Share resources and services available on campus that can guide students to effective problem-solving alternatives.
  • For students who are survivors of interpersonal violence or need extra support relating to sexual violence, Voices Against Violence offers an extensive list of on and off campus resources.

Recognizing and Reporting

Provide students with information to identify violent relationships and familiarize them with resources and on campus services they can access.


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