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N95 Respirator Medical Clearance and Fit Testing

Since the N95 respirator is a tight-fitting face piece respirator, there is an approval process each wearer must complete before being fitted for an N95 respirator. The steps below include a medical questionnaire, and fitting of the N95 respirator.

Step 1: Complete the N95 Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire N95 Medical Clearance Form (PDF)

  • Have the departmental supervisor or safety officer complete the section regarding working conditions.
  • Complete the medical information section.
  • Send the completed questionnaire to the University Health Services by fax at 512-471-7173.
  • You will be notified by Secure Message in 2 to 3 business days after faxing the questionnaire to schedule a fit test. You will also be sent a Secure Message if for any medical reason you are not cleared for fit testing or the nurse has questions.

Step 2: Fit tests are required for the use of any respirator with a tight-fitting face piece such as the N95 respirator.

Contact University Health Services at: 512-471-4955 to schedule a fit test appointment.

Pre-Fit Test Instructions

Do not eat, chew gum, or drink anything except water for at least 15 minutes before coming to be fit tested
Males must be clean shaven to be fit tested

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