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Normal / Intuitive Eating

We live in a world obsessed with dieting, weight loss, and thinness. Many people experience a strained relationship with food and struggle each day to know what, when, and how to eat. Not surprisingly, it can be difficult to know what it means to actually eat "normally."

The term "intuitive eating" has been proposed as a way to describe normal eating. In short, intuitive eating is a non-diet approach to nutrition in which balance, variety, and moderation with ALL foods are encouraged and celebrated. Normal/ intuitive eaters enjoy food without guilt, shame, or judgment.

Bodies of all shapes and sizes can be appreciated and internal cues of hunger/ fullness are trusted within intuitive eating. The intuitive eater understands what it means to experience true satisfaction with a wide array of foods and flavors. Physical activity is done for the joy of movement, not as a means to earn or compensate for calories.

The following links may help you to develop a more balanced approach to food and nutrition as a normal eater.