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University Health Services provides education about and access to a wide variety of contraceptive methods. Through our Women's Health Clinic, we offer: prescriptions for the birth control pill and the ring; diaphragm prescription fitting and; administration of the Depo-Provera shot; and insertion of both the ParaGard® and Mirena® IUD/IUC. Prior to seeing a provider in the Women's Health Clinic, you can learn more about each of these methods and figure out which one is right for you by attending a Methods of Contraception Class.

Emergency contraception (sold as Plan B One-Step® or Next Choice®) is available without a prescription at the Forty Acres Pharmacy for students ages 18 and over. If you are 17 or under, call the Nurse Advice Line at (512) 475-6877 in order to get emergency contraception.

Condoms are the only method that provide protection against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condom education is a part of the Methods of Contraception Class. Condoms are available for purchase in the Forty Acres Pharmacy and for free at the Health Promotion Resource Center.

You can learn more about the different methods by clicking the links below.

Contraception for college students video series
Emergency Contraception - (sold as Plan B One-Step® or Next Choice®)
Barriers (Sponge, Diaphragm)
IUD/IUC - ParaGard® and Mirena®
Standard Days Method (Natural Family Planning)
The Pill - Estrogen & Progestin
The Pill - Progestin-only
The Patch - Ortho Evra®
The Ring - NuvaRing®
Implant - Nexplanon®
Method Match (Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)
The Shot - Depo-Provera®
Pregnancy Testing
Women's Health Clinic
Health Promotion Resource Center