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Having Fun & Playing It Safe

Many UT students like to go out with friends and have a good time. For some, this may involve alcohol. While most students drink in moderation, sometimes having a great time with friends may turn into a situation involving hangovers, memory loss, physical and sexual violence, and an assortment of preventable negative consequences related to high-risk alcoholic drinking and drug use.

Playing It Safe
Avoiding Alcohol/Drug-Related Problems

Taking some risks is expected and a normal part of the college experience. Setting a few guidelines will help you and your friends to avoid problems that may have a lasting impact on your life and that of your friends. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of harm to yourself or others by:
  • thinking and planning ahead,
  • setting low to moderate drinking and other drug use limits,
  • eliminating unreasonable risks where possible, and
  • reducing the number of negative consequences.

What You Can Do

UT students use a variety of simple techniques to reduce the risk and potential harm associated with drinking. Research shows that the more techniques a person uses, the less likely he/she will experience negative consequences (i.e., hangovers, regret, memory loss, etc.). For example, UT students can do three or more of the following to reduce alcohol related risks:
  • Choose safe and familiar settings in which to drink
  • Drink with people you know and trust
  • Use a designated driver
  • Set a limit and stick to it
  • Count your drinks
  • Know the Bacchus Maneuver
  • Learn how to say, "No thanks" and "No more"
  • Avoid all drinking games
  • Eat something before and while you drink
  • Alternate alcoholic with non-alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid drinking while taking medications
  • Mix your own drinks or know exactly what's in them
  • Have a plan to get home safely
  • Pace drinks to one or fewer per hour