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Exercise can reduce stress, improve your mood, improve sleep, increase energy, and ward off illness. About half of UT students are not getting the recommended amount of exercise. If you are not, today is a great day to start!

Guidelines for Exercise

  • Choose activities that use large muscle groups like walking, swimming, group exercise/cycling classes, running, or elliptical machines.

  • Exercise three to five days per week. Schedule your workout like you would appointments - between classes or before classes start for the day.

  • Exercise 45 to 60 minutes per day, continuous or intermittent. You can get all of your exercise at once or get 10-15 minutes multiple times throughout the day. Try walking instead of taking the campus shuttle, getting a jog in at Clark Field or climbing stairs throughout the day.

  • For intensity, you want your body to be pushed passed its normal state. Try the talk test - you should be able to answer a friend's questions when exercising but not hold a full conversation.

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Check out all of the ways that the Fitness/Wellness Program at UT RecSports can help you get and stay fit! Choose from over 120 weekly TeXercise (fitness, mind/body, & aqua) classes, 40 weekly group cycling, pilates reformer and dance series classes, and several options for meeting with a personal trainer. UT Rec Sports has countless tools to help you get on track and stay active, healthy, and strong.

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